Sunday, January 10, 2010

We are looking at the bank of nile in the 1960, a lot of people in the bank with different purposes, some them working there cutting woods and making ships, and others coming there to get water, and others buy and sale there.

The sun was shining, it is usually shining in april in omdurman, and it is usually very hot, the men in the left have been started to cut the woods with saw, and they haven't finished cutting it yet, the water carrier has filled his tins from the nile and then he taking them to his house.

The merchant has come to the river bank on his car to buying something, the driver has opened the car for him, he has just has just gone back to his shop but he hasn't been got into his car.

The airplane hasn't landed yet, and the ferry from Tutti island hasn't reached the bank yet, it was coming from Tutti, the 3rd boat hasn't gone through the bridge yet.

I have gone to the river bank in the new year eve, it has been very beautiful, I hope to go their again with my friends, it's not always nice to go their especially in their autumn, the bank today is very different than in 1960, the nile was for trading and working mainly, now it's mainly for tourism and small working.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My mobile.

I use phone to call any person in any where and any time in the world i shall need. Beside I can use the message service to send message .
I can know news of my family and my friend.Also I can use programs found in my phone like Radio,Games,Camera,Music player and Dictionary.
I addition I can use net service in my phone to explorer or download game and chat my friend.


Holiday's is the best time of the year for me, where I get to relax from all the school work and from going out early everyday, I usually like the summer break more, because its about 3 months or so, I spend it traveling to Egypt or any other countries, I've also been to K.S.A. For Umra, that's how I spend my first month, and I return the second month, to visit my family and relatives, In Aljazeera and Khartoum, and also unite with my class mates and spend some time together, I sleep late during summer break, about 2-5A.M. daily, and I wake up late too, but I've stopped doing that since I'm starting to get a bit sick of staying up late, but what I really enjoy is going to the beach for some walk and watching T.V. and going on the internet almost everyday, I also go hiking with some of my friends.
That's how I mainly spend my holidays, what about you?

Famous Person

I'd like to talk about a famous person and one of my favorites personally, and that would be Michael Jackson,
First of all I'd like to say rest in peace to him, he left us this year during summer break, it was really sad day for me and im sure for most of his fans and family, he's such an inspiring person, he used to dance as if it was breathing for a normal person, I was totally blown away by his moves and sound, I started listening to him during the end of the 90's where he was so popular and became a world wide artist and entertainer, one of my best songs by him is Rock My World, it was the last song that he made, but I've heard that he was planning to come up with an album this year, but sadly that never happened, but he'll always remain in our hearts and minds, just like Eminem said; "So let our spirits live on through the lyrics that you hear in our songs", anyhow He'll be missed.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Iam ELsiddig Mustafa, Iwas born at 1989 in Madani, I study Computer Science, I like watching tv and drinking coffee, I want to be business man, I have a great time.

How do I use the Internet

I use the internet basically to do my assignments and searches. Also, I use the internet beacuse I can aquire any information I need,
like my subjects in the univeristy, about health, but I also have fun using it,such as playing online games, watching videos and download music,
movies and softwares that are useful for my studies or for news about my country or all the world. Besides, I can dawonlod any thing like my favorit music,software, films, games and assigments. I also use it to chat with my friends and my family.It creates nice opportuinites to know alot of friends.
I can send my data for another person who need it.